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Factual response to uneducated statements

To the editor:

In response to Mr. Cox’s letter to the editor on January 31, allow me to provide factual responses to his uneducated statements.

Statement: Ethanol is a waste of time, energy and is not worth the amount of energy it outputs.

Fact: The most recent study by USDA demonstrates that ethanol is a net energy gain, producing 2.3 Btus for every single Btu put into production. That is better than twice the rate of return on gasoline, which is a 1-to-1 Btu ratio.

Statement: If we rely on corn for a fuel source, eventually everything corn related will increase in price.

Fact: Mr. Cox, have you been to the grocery store lately and do you see declining food prices? Corn prices have dropped from nearly $8/bushel in 2012-2013 to less than $4/bushel today. Countless academic, economic and government studies have disproven the so-called “food vs. fuel” myth, concluding that Wall Street speculators, high oil prices and the high costs of manufacturing, packaging and transporting all have far more impact than ethanol on the grocery prices that everyday Americans pay. Ethanol plants produce food and fuel!

Statement: The famers aren’t making good money selling corn to ethanol plants.

Fact: Mr. Cox, have you driven though rural America in the last 10 years? Our American farming communities are thriving. This great country has spent the previous 50 years trying to figure out how to sustain farming practices while the government subsidized deficient loans due to poor market economics in farming. American farmers are reaping the benefits of increased demand for their corn. This has all taken place over the last 10 years as the ethanol industry has grown and both the corn producers and ethanol producer continue to do more with less, opposite of big oil.