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A fact is a fact; don’t believe lies

To the editor:

Facts are stubborn things. Facts are facts. If someone doesn’t agree with a fact, that doesn’t change the fact that the fact is a fact.

Here are some facts:

President Obama and the Democrats got us out of two disastrous wars and have kept America out of any new wars.

President Obama and the Democrats prevented the major Bush recession from turning into a complete Hoover-style depression. The budget deficit has been cut in half.

President Obama and the Democrats have implemented major health care legislation that is providing affordable health care to at least 9.3 million Americans, allowed 3.1 million young adults to stay on their parents’ plan, and enrolled at least an additional 3 million in Medicare. For the first time in years, health care costs and the number of uninsured Americans are declining.

The proposed Republican budget would cut Medicaid and health care spending for the poor by $732 billion, Medicare by $129 billion, and food stamps by $125 billion. At the same time, the Republican budget would increase military spending by $483 billion.

Governor Dayton and the Democrats have turned Minnesota from a state with a huge deficit into a state with a big financial surplus. Democrat-led Minnesota is doing much better financially than similar Republican-led states such as neighboring Wisconsin.

The Republican Party receives huge amounts of cash from the mega-billionaires, including at least $400 million from the Koch Brothers alone. This money is used for advertising campaigns, which do not worry about the truth.

The old saying is that, “If you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth.” Unfortunately, the fact is that uninformed American voters frequently fall for this tactic.