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Facilities department provides clean and safe environment

Editor’s note: This is part of a series of letters the Echo Press is publishing as part of national County Government Month.

To the editor:

The Douglas County Facilities Maintenance Department’s main focus is the daily care of approximately 197,548 square feet of buildings and grounds located at the Douglas County Courthouse, the Douglas County Service Center, and the Douglas County Jail.

The 11 employees within the department strive to provide a clean as well as safe environment for not

only members of the public but

employees as well.

Examples of what we do range from everyday cleaning of office space, restrooms and common areas to performing maintenance on and operating heating and cooling systems, electrical and plumbing systems, monitoring the facilities management system and fire alarm and sprinkler systems.

Along with taking care of the buildings’ interiors, we routinely perform groundskeeping, both summer and winter, on approximately four blocks of county property.