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Extension gives scientific knowledge and expertise to public

Editor’s note: This is part of a series of letters the Echo Press is publishing as part of national County Government Month.

To the editor:

University of Minnesota Extension in Douglas County provides practical education and research to help county residents, businesses and communities solve problems, develop skills and build a better future. We have four staff members and dozens of volunteers in the county that work on youth development and horticulture education. Several regional educators also serve Douglas County with programming on community vitality, family development, nutrition assistance, and agricultural and natural resource sciences.

These researchers and educators engage individuals and organizations in asking the challenging questions to discover science-based answers that make a difference. We help create a better county for today and tomorrow by keeping our food safe and affordable, preparing our youth to thrive in a complex world, improving our environment, ensuring our communities are strong, and helping our families make better decisions. Extension staff in Douglas County fulfills these goals through strong partnerships, focused investments, and diverse perspectives from multiple disciplines.

Extension makes university research and knowledge available to Douglas County through our education model: Research to discover science-based solutions that work, education to help people develop knowledge and skills to solve problems, and value to build a stronger county and a brighter future. Some results from these efforts in Douglas County include 19 4-H clubs with over 400 youth and 60 Master Gardener volunteers contributing over 2,000 hours of community service.

The University of Minnesota is part of the national network of land-grant institutions with a mission to address critical public issues through teaching, research and outreach. Extension delivers on the university’s land-grant mission and brings these resources to Douglas County.

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