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Economy humming along in great fashion?

To the editor:

Vote Democratic if you have these beliefs:

 The present administration should be able to pick and choose the laws they want to follow and enforce and ignore those that they don’t.

 The United States is held in great esteem by other countries because of the current president’s ability to build great alliances with other countries.

 The IRS should be able to target Conservative groups and others they don’t agree with as punishment for their conservative beliefs.

 The United States should further drastically reduce military budgets because countries don’t threaten other countries with aggression in this day and age.

 Obamacare is working out really well, and you will save the average $2,500 per family per year that was promised.

 The economy is humming along in great fashion.

 Things that are happening in Washington are very transparent to everybody, in the open, and well planned.

 More restrictions should be put on firearms to protect you from yourself and others.

 Various groups and races in our country are being brought together and are more understanding of each other than ever before.

 The Benghazi event is the same type of situation that has happened before with no cover up taking place.

 The current administration is so good at communicating, impressing and influencing world leaders that they will follow our suggestions for a better world.