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Dr. Alakhras is a blessing to us

To the editor:

When we moved here 23 years ago from Albert Lea, we were considered foreigners by some people

Dear friends from India are well known locally and globally. Aby’s father is P.G. Vargis, the president of IET (Indian Evangelical Team) Missions. Aby is a missionary and will assume his father’s work when he retires. Aby is founder and president of Compelled Missions. He speaks at least four languages and has many college degrees.

One day, Aby took his 4- and 5-year-old children to the park to play. A lady was there with her child and when the children were going to play together, she yelled, saying, “Don’t play with those children.” Aby was deeply hurt.

Babitha Kallimel, his wife, was a doctor in Glenwood for several years before they returned to India where she attended college to become a surgeon. They gave up their comfortable life and left to minister physically and spiritually to the peoples in the tribal regions of Asia.

Dr. Alakhras saved my husband’s life. Twice, Dutch was sent home from E.R. with shots for pain and pain pills. The ambulance took him the third time as he screamed with pain in his back. Other doctors wanted him to go to the pain clinic for treatment of his deteriorated vertebrae.

It was Dr. Alakhras who diagnosed his problem correctly. Lisa Hennings sent him to Dr. Kim, who performed 7.5 hours of surgery. If the other procedure had been done, the cancer would have spread. Dr. Raflores, a Philippine native, has successfully treated his cancer for three years.

Jesus Christ, my savior, is a Jew. My address is Alexandria, but heaven is my home. God uses people to accomplish his purpose on earth; so does the devil. May God bless Dr. Alakhras, as he is a blessing to us.