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Don’t ridicule the president for health care system

To the editor:

Per the latest prattle from the Conservative Libertarian, it isn’t rocket science to guess that President Obama instituted the ACA in the format of giving insurance companies more money. He did it for precisely the same reason I previously stated. If he didn’t, and would have tried to initiate Medicare for all, he would have been chastised and roundly denounced for trying to institute a Marxist health care program, just like Hillary Clinton suffered from the Republicans, who, by the way, have never had a health care plan that didn’t include massive money transfers to business entities.

I still find it perplexing that your columnist loves his Medicare benefit, which the Republicans have tried to dismantle for eons, but continues to rail against the ACA, which was primarily designed to quell the rabid commentary from the Republicans, i.e., our state senator and state representative have had numerous letters reiterating any governmental health care plan as a Marxist ploy.

It’s unfortunate that your columnist can’t or won’t admit that he loves his Medicare plan, but only wants it for himself. It should be noted that Medicare has about a 3 percent administrative cost, while private insurance companies have a 15 to 30 percent administrative overhead.

As for G.W. Bush, he can be blamed for a war that took lots of money and blood, not his, and signed a Drug Benefit Law, part D, for prescription drugs, that was written by the Pharmacy Lobby, etc.

Perhaps your columnist should concentrate on something other than ridiculing the president for trying to gain Republican support of a system that benefits their valued constituents, the insurance industry!

Arthur J. Le Suer

Alexandria, MN