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Dirty little secret exposed

To the editor:

Amid all the lighthearted banter published during the past week about the pronunciation of Alexandria’s shortened name, there was an issue that I feel deserves even more attention. In the July 16, 2014 issue, there was a serious, shameful, dirty little secret about this community exposed.

To Dr. Isam Alakhras, my heart aches for you that you should be so insulted and victim of ignorant hatred. I believe that the majority of the people in this community are good and caring individuals who most often say to me that racism is just not a problem here; when it really does exist.

The “child” most likely goes to school in this city and perhaps plays with other children in the neighborhood. If the child is brazen enough to harass adults, this bullying behavior most likely is displayed at school and with playmates. It is past time for this behavior to be ignored.

We are all very fortunate to have Dr. Alakhras and his family sharing his knowledge and skill for our benefit.

I can only imagine that in the unfortunate event that the family from Rue De Frenchman/County Road 120 neighborhood should require medical care at our hospital, racism and hatred would not enter into the equation. And to the folks who are losing the paperwork of tenants, vendors at public gatherings who reprimand Hispanic children for standing by their stand, clerks who are rude to people who “look” different, those who are uncomfortable talking to people in wheelchairs, those who laugh at the elderly and eccentric - I say open your hearts and your minds. Is this how you truly wish to be judged yourself?

Dr. Alakhras, please do not let this experience influence your decision to remain in this community. We would proudly welcome you on Elm, Douglas or Cedar!