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Denim Day to raise awareness of sexual assault, support for victims

As part of Sexual Assault Awareness Month, Someplace Safe in Alexandria is seeking area employers, organizations and individuals to support National Denim Day on Wednesday, April 23.

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Someplace Safe has organized a Dollars for Denim campaign. Individuals are asked to donate $1 to wear denim on April 23 and to raise awareness of the myths surrounding rape and sexual violence, collectively showing support for survivors.

Donations to Someplace Safe support local services to assist victims.

Why denim?

In 1988, a teenage girl in Italy was raped by her driving instructor. The man was convicted but his case went to the Supreme Court of Appeals in Rome and it was overturned. The court ruled that because the girl wore very tight jeans, she must have had to help remove them, thereby giving consent to have sex.

The case spurred outrage, made international headlines and the young woman’s jeans became a symbol of awareness that what someone wears is never an excuse for rape.

To participate in Dollars for Denim as an individual or group, contact Someplace Safe at (320) 762-1995 to join or pledge your group.

Here are other ways to get involved:

• Follow Someplace Safe on Facebook and Twitter for tips and information throughout April.

• Take a photo of yourself or your group participating in Denim Day and e-mail I to Someplace Safe may share it on Facebook.

• Provide education for your business, social group, faith community, school or other group regarding sexual assault by hosting a presenter on Denim Day or displaying the “No Excuses” public service announcement PowerPoint in your break room. This can be provided by Someplace Safe.