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County’s feedlot decision was thoughful and protects neighbors, river

To the editor:

Regarding the paid advertisement by Prairie Lakes Farm, LLC (PLF) on June 18:

First, about the photo, I highly doubt if the foot on the left belongs to the owner of Prairie Lakes Farm, LLC, a lawyer from Hawaii, but (perhaps?) his employee. Now the foot on the right looks like it has seen some time on the top of a desk.

I could send you a photo of my husband’s and my feet. We work 18 hours a day in our adult foster care home just on the other side of the Chippewa River. We have clients with health issues that would be adversely affected by a large cattle operation. Those facts were considered by the Variance Board, appointed by the Douglas County Board of Adjustment and Planning and Advisory Commission. They did not come to a “foolish and irrational decision,” but a thoughtful decision protecting the river and surrounding neighbors, which “benefits the community.”

When one seeks for a variance, it is because there is some rule or law that is in place. Unfortunately, the owner did not seek the variance for a 996 cow feedlot next to a river before he developed the area for the feedlot, nor did he notify the neighbors to see if there were any legitimate objections. Lots of money spent. But, hey, that’s just a technicality, or is it?