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Community came together against bog

To the editor:

Last summer there was a gigantic bog floating up, down and around Lake Osakis, worrying and scaring resort owners, home and cabin owners and vacationers.

A bunch of folks got together at one point and, using their boats and pontoons, pushed it into the outlet. It stayed there until recently, when the water rose and the wind picked up; then it started circulating again, causing chaos.

The Osakis Lake Association took the lead, talked with members of the association and along with property owners around the lake decided to step in with a solution.

The OLA offered to put up $5,000 of matching funds to help cover the cost of removing the bog, which over the weekend of June 20 was done. A big thank you to all volunteers of time and boats for helping with this huge, 40-plus hours, two-and-a-half days project!

Property owners around the lake will need to donate the matching $5,000, plus whatever remaining costs are incurred. Donation checks should be made out to Osakis Lake Association (therefore tax deductible) and taken to the Linwood Resort office.

If you have observed a bog like this, you know how damaging and dangerous it could be. We need to stick together to protect our lake and each other. Please donate what you can today. Thanks!