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Commissioners should keep public informed

To the editor:

One has to wonder just how much money would be saved by not publishing the minutes of county commissioner meetings. This is the justification for only publishing them on the county website, which is controlled by, you guessed it, the county.

Of course, they say it is to conform to the Association of Counties’ wishes, and isn’t it curious that they all are saving money by this methodology?

Whatever happened to independent reporting? Perhaps the published minutes should be expanded to record all data of these meetings instead of trying to edit same!

If our county commissioners want to save some money, perhaps they should be publishing a list of all items tax money is being spent on and then let their constituents be aware of same. What an amazing concept in a Democracy!

If the publishing costs are so costly, and if the commissioners want to garner support for this concept, this is not the way to do it because it smacks of an arrogant attitude toward their constituents!

The publishing of these minutes is not only necessary, but should be informative to all of their constituents, instead of just the computer-literate ones, who would never know if the minutes have been edited.

I would suggest they forget about their penny-saving, pound-foolish methodology and expand the published minutes to truly keep their constituents informed; unless there is something we shouldn’t be made aware of?