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Columnist completely missed the point

To the editor:

I have never written a letter to the editor, but the piece by DuWayne Paul entitled Colonel Jessup [Echo Press, 2/12/14, Page 4] was right cannot go unanswered, nor can this type of journalism.

He entirely missed the point of the movie A Few Good Men. The movie was about a commander who flaunted the law and issued an order that led to the death of an innocent young Marine. The point of the movie is that being tasked with a difficult and complicated job does not give anyone the “right” to take the law into their own hands. After all, Colonel Jessup’s job was to defend the United States, a country conceived and maintained by a system of laws; laws that apply to everyone and in all situations as defined by those laws.

Toward the end of the column, Paul says our military is forced to follow rules that others do not have to because of presidents, Congress, the media and politics. They are not allowed to engage in a “pure fight.”

Those “rules” he refers to are about the very thing the military purports to hold in extremely high esteem: honor. Sadly, honor in the military has suffered a huge setback due in large part to the regrettable decisions this country’s leaders have made that have entangled this country in wars it should never have engaged in, from Vietnam up to the present action in Afghanistan.

These unwinnable, ill-conceived wars in fact dishonor the brave and dedicated men and women who make up our voluntary military services. Be a conservative, be a liberal, be a hawk, be a dove, but at the very least do it with some integrity, intelligence and honor.