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Climate change is a moral issue

To the editor:

Recently, St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Alexandria hosted an evening of reflection and discussion on the issue of climate change. Sponsored by the church JPIC (Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation) committee, Dr. Bernard Evans from the Theology Department at St. John’s University outlined the teachings of the Catholic and other major mainstream religions (Protestant, Muslim and Jewish) on this important topic.

The leaders of these faith groups have diligently reviewed the scientific literature related to climate change and accept the conclusions of the community of global climate experts that have studied this issue. They also clearly understand that we have a moral responsibility to address the current and potential negative effects on the natural environment and all of God’s creatures. The impact of rising sea levels, multi-year droughts, and increase in destructive weather events exact a toll on all of us, but especially the poor who are least prepared. Care for creation is the ultimate pro-life issue.

People of faith should be advocates for policies that reduce greenhouse gases. Our churches should be leading the way in studying and taking action. The garden is ours - let’s take care of it.