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Climate activists fast to recognize Philippine suffering

Members of the Citizens Climate Lobby (CCL) in Minnesota, a non-partisan network working in the U.S. and Canada, recently went without food in recognition of the suffering of the Philippine nation hard hit by Typhoon Haiyan.

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Following an appeal to fellow delegates, Yeb Sano, the Philippine representative to the climate talks in Warsaw, Poland, announced that he would be fasting in solidarity with his fellow countrymen still without food or water several days after the typhoon hit.

“I spent three years of my life in Sabah, North Borneo, just a few miles from the Philippines,” said Paul Thompson, Edina and coordinator of North Country Wind Region CCL. “These people have done little to cause climate change, yet they will suffer the most. I’m fasting today to ask Minnesotans to step up and ask our congressional representatives to enact a price on carbon.”

Katya Gordon of Two Harbors said that as citizens of one of the most fossil fuel consuming nations, Minnesotans have a moral obligation to act to reduce fossil fuel emissions.

Brett Cease of Bemidji added, “What better way to acknowledge our role in climate change than to forego food like our fellows in the Philippines.”

In Alexandria, members were fasting all day as well. “The worst problem with fasting is the boredom,” said Judy Rose. “We have to find something to keep our minds off food for 24 hours, which is unheard of in our house. Think what it must be like to go seven or eight days without food like the victims of the typhoon.”