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Budget breakdown How will Alexandria's $10.16 million budget "pie" be sliced? Here's the proposed breakdown, from biggest to smallest: Police - $2.3 million General government - $1.93 million Streets - $1.38 million Debt retirement - $723,644 Parks - $701,225 Runestone Community Center (RCC) - $564,930 Fire protection - $524,218 ALASD - $500,211 Capital improvement fund - $250,000 Building department - $221,710 Street equipment fund - $168,000 Street paving program - $140,000 Airport - $117...

City Budget: Where does money go?

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Here are some highlights of Alexandria's proposed 2011 budget of $10.16 million:

• The overall levy is $5.29 million, an 8.46 percent increase from 2010's $4.88 million levy. This is well under the 19 percent levy limit increase allowed by state law.


• Significant changes on the expense side of the budget include: general government - $15,000 for making building repairs at City Hall, $80,000 in payments to townships for tax reimbursements in annexation areas, $7,500 for an intern in the planner's office; police department - the addition of a dispatcher/receptionist, utility/ backup generator costs for the new police station, a community service officer; parks department - $5,000 for utilities at the new park department building; other changes - reinstatement of employee benefit and planning commission development funds that had been eliminated because of local government aid (LGA) unallotment in 2010; $65,000 for a street paving program to address deteriorating street conditions; and a 20 percent increase in various equipment funds to reflect higher replacement costs.

• Significant changes on the revenue side of the budget include: a $125,000 reduction in the franchise and delinquent taxes budget, primarily because of decreased natural gas sales; and a $446,000 increase in intergovernmental revenue because of reinstated LGA.

• The budget reflects a 2 percent increase in employee wages. Also, planned salary adjustments for department heads, which were delayed in 2010, are now included in the 2011 budget.

• $250,000 is included for capital improvement projects that have been delayed because of past LGA cuts.

• The retirement benefits the volunteer firefighters receive for every year of service will increase 2 percent - from $6,190 in 2010 to $6,314 in 2011.

• Actual taxes paid by property owners depend on market value, tax capacity and the budgets of the taxing authorities. In 2010, the city's share of property taxes for a typical residential property represented about 27 percent of the total property tax.

• The city's budget committee interviewed about 20 individuals or organizations during the budgeting process.