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Cable barriers carry ongoing expense

To the editor:

As we drive along Interstate 94, I wonder how many other motorist feel the same way I do. This pertains to the cable barriers put in place by MnDOT recently.

The thinking is fine; it will stop a runaway auto if it goes beyond the median. I ask this question: Just how many times will this happen? We know it happened when four were killed in an out-of-control car crash near here.

The point I want to make clear is: When a car goes off the driving lane and hits the barrier, it causes damage to the car. If the cable barrier was not there, the car would stop on its own and would not be damaged.

Driving along I-94 this winter, I’ve noticed many spots where a car hit the cable and damaged both the car and cables.

MnDOT has to repair the damaged cable and surely that isn’t cheap.

Weed mowing is difficult, more or less impossible.

Think of the speed a car has to go to cross the median and up into the oncoming lane. Surely the cable barrier would or at least slow it down.

How many times has this happened?

Seems to me this cable barrier comes with an expensive price tag and the maintenance will be an ongoing expense to our taxpayers.