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POLICE December 17

Dispatch received a report of a woman who had been sitting in her car for a long time on North Nokomis Street. Officers checked and it turned out that the woman was looking at the bright moon. She was fine.

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Footprints were found in the snow around every window at ABC Auto Brokers on Irving Street. Nothing was damaged or broken into.

A resident on Roosevelt Street reported that his neighbor’s front door was wide open. An officer arrived and said that the door had a faulty latch and was blown open by the wind. Nothing seemed out of place.

A caller reported that he lost his wallet at the Holiday gas station on 3rd Avenue.

Someone stole an outdoor lighted deer ornament on North Quincy Street. Value: $25.

December 18

An 86-year-old woman called at 12:51 a.m. to say she was starving because she hadn’t had anything to eat since morning. She said she was unable to get food until the next day when the grocery store would deliver. She tried calling for pizza but the delivery places were closed. She requested frozen waffles and a half-gallon of skim milk, which an officer delivered to her.

SHERIFF December 17

Deputies assisted troopers with a rollover in the median of Interstate 94 near Osakis. They helped direct traffic. There were seven other calls that morning and into the early afternoon involving crashes or vehicles sliding into the ditch.

A caller reported that his snowmobile got stuck on Lake Mary on December 6. When he went back the next morning, it was gone.

A caller reported that a dark brown goat was grazing along the fence line on Interstate 94 seven miles west of Alexandria.

A driver of a sports utility vehicle was traveling on County Road 34 near Arrowwood Drive at about 7:15 p.m. when a fire started under the hood. He drove the vehicle into the ditch and tried to put out the fire with snow. A tow truck was called. There were no injuries.