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April 7

An air compressor and other items were stolen from a garage on Cedar Street.

A computer board was found on County Road 44.

A chainsaw was stolen from a shed on Hawthorne Street.

A resident on North Park Street came home and found a broken window. Nothing appeared to be missing.

A break-in was reported at a vacant house on 5th Avenue East.

A resident of an apartment building on Broadway reported that his neighbors keep smoking marijuana and it smells up the hallways and his apartment. An officer spoke with the tenant who admitted smoking marijuana joints. She was advised that future calls for the same activity could result in a search warrant.

April 8

A resident on 12th Avenue West reported a prowler was peeping through a window the previous day. The incident is under investigation.

Dispatch received a report of a young female driver who was following too close, passed a vehicle in the city limits near Jefferson Street and ran stop signs. Officers responded but did not see the vehicle moving. The registered owner of the vehicle was advised of the complaint.

Laundry was stolen from an apartment complex laundry room on Unumb Street.

A retired police officer found a box of pull tabs at the intersection of 10th Avenue and Broadway and turned it over to the police department.

A shoplifter was apprehended at the Viking Plaza mall and cited for theft.


April 7

A motorcycle driver reported losing a black leather saddle bag while traveling to Alexandria from Carlos.

April 8

At about 12:30 a.m., deputies assisted the State Patrol with a road rage incident reported on Highway 29 near County Road 88 SW. A woman in a Grand Am was being closely followed by a male in a dark truck with an Iowa license plate. Authorities stopped the vehicle.

A man received a 911 call stating that his girlfriend had outstanding warrants and that he needed to call a different number to make a payment. Deputies told him this was a scam and that he should monitor his accounts and call law enforcement if the calls continue.