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The blotter

Editor’s note: In response to requests from many readers, the Echo Press is bringing back the police and sheriff blotter. The following is a snapshot of just some of the calls that the Alexandria Police Department responded to in the past week. Future blotter items will also include the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office.


November 5 A gas leak was reported at 3305 South Broadway.

A boom box was reported stolen from Target.

A 2nd grade girl was reported missing after she got on a school bus to go to her former day care provider. She was found a short time later.

Officers responded to a report of suspicious activity, people having sex in a car in the parking lot of the Douglas County Library. The vehicle wasn’t located.

A resident reported finding a man in her car in the Walmart parking lot. She chased him east out of town on 50th Avenue.

A resident on the 1400 block of Jefferson Street reported hearing a gunshot from the west. The area was quiet when an officer arrived.

A possible case of fraud was reported at Taco Bell when the store received suspicious looking money. It turned out that the bills were real. They were collectible older bills.

A resident on the 1500 block of Jefferson Street reported hearing four gunshots to the west. It turned out to be fireworks.

November 6 A burglary was reported at a residence on 34th Avenue West.

A burglary was reported at 104 North Quincy Street. A garage door window was broken and a radio was stolen.

A motorist reported that a car was tailgating him and flashing his bright lights at him. The other driver also pulled up beside him and flipped him the bird. Officers didn’t find the vehicle but attempted to call the suspect.

November 7 A purse was stolen out of an unlocked car on Hawthorne Street.

A resident reported that her vehicle was struck while it was parked at her residence on Elm Street.

A woman’s wallet, brown in color, was found at Maurice’s in the Viking Plaza.

An inmate at the Douglas County Jail reported that his vehicle was stolen.

November 8 A deer was reportedly running around the Viking Towers area at 720 Fillmore Street.