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BlackRidgeBANK announces $58,000 in homeownership funding

BlackRidgeBANK was awarded several grants by Federal Home Loan Bank (FLHB) of Des Moines. The grants are part of FHLB Des Moines Homeownership Fund and Native American Homeownership Fund supporting homeownership opportunities for families and individuals.

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Many hardworking home buyers who can make a house payment still find themselves unable to purchase a home because they do not have the funds required for upfront costs.

Through these programs, qualified individuals and families receive funds to assist with the down payment, closing cost, counseling or rehabilitation of the property.

By participating in Homeownership Fund programs, BlackRidgeBANK will be able to distribute awards ranging in amounts up to $5,000-$10,000 to each eligible homebuyer.

Funds for the Homeownership programs are available at the following locations:

Alexandria: 3313 Highway 29 South, (320) 763-7700.

Alexandria: 406 3rd Ave East, (320) 763-4200.

Carlos: 301 Main Avenue, (320) 852-7591.

Miltona: 228 Oak St North, (218) 943-2001.

If interested in purchasing a home using any of the Homeownership or Native American Fund grants, contact Rich Hawes at (320) 763-7700.