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Beware of scam calls asking for bail money

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Here's a scam to beware of: Someone claiming to be a relative calls you for money to get out of jail. 

On Tuesday, the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office received two reports from local residents who received scam telephone calls requesting money to get the victims' grandchildren out of jail.


The typical scam usually claims that a grandchild is in trouble and needs cash to get out of jail or a foreign country.  The scammer then asks the victim to quickly go and get cash cards or to send money through Western Union.

The sheriff’s office urges residents to be alert to possible scams and to carefully verify all information before sending money.  Most of these scams will involve one or more of the following:

--The matter is urgent and needs to be resolved immediately.

--The caller won’t accept traditional checks or credit cards and demands cash cards.

--The calls often involve a foreign country.