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Better roads and less football needed

To the editor:

We have a governor that built a billion dollar stadium for a bunch of rich, spoiled brats. We need our roads fixed and they wonder where to get the money.

Remember, Governor Pawlenty said no new stadium under his watch. We need him back for our governor.

Now, to top it off, our DFL voted in a new $90 million senate building. Where are our smarts? What we need is unicameral government. Then we could get rid of a bunch of those clowns and they would have plenty of room.

Unicameral government would give we the people the right to vote on this crap that is shoved down our throats.

Nebraska has unicameral government and they are doing a lot better than we are.

Come on people. Next election, let’s vote in some smarter people. We need better roads and less football. Our governor spends all the money in the metro and rural Minnesota gets nothing.