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Better Business Bureau 2013 complaint, inquiry stats released

Better Business Bureau (BBB) of Minnesota and North Dakota has compiled the top 10 industries for consumer complaints and inquiries, according to its final statistics for 2013.

For the year, the local BBB set a new record by providing more than 3.6 million instances of service to the public.

BBB handled more than 24,000 complaints in 2013, about the same amount as the previous year. It resolved roughly 90 percent of them.

“Our complaint levels have remained steady now for the last few years,” said Dana Badgerow, president and CEO of the BBB of Minnesota and North Dakota. “One way we hope to see that number decrease over time is by encouraging people to visit before making purchasing decisions, to locate reputable companies and help ensure satisfactory experiences.”

Used car complaints handled by the BBB typically involved consumer claims that cars were not in the condition promised. Complaints against new car dealers generally involved issues with sales of previously-owned vehicles or alleged issues with service or repairs.

However, the complaint resolution rates for the used and new car industries were 91 percent and 99 percent, respectively, both above the average resolution rate for BBB complaints.

“Lists such as these are quite helpful, as they allow us to track trends,” added Badgerow. “However, it’s always important to look at these statistics, especially regarding complaints, in proper context.”

Top 10 industries by volume of complaints:

1. Auto dealers – used cars.

2. Auto repair and services.

3. Auto dealers – new.

4. Siding contractors.

5. Construction and remodeling services.

6. Contractors – general.

7. Roofing contractors.

8. Property management.

9. Banks.

10. Windows – installation and service.

Top 10 industries by consumer inquiries:

1. Collection agencies.

2. Contractors – general.

3. Roofing contractors.

4. Construction and remodeling.

5. Auto dealers – used cars.

6. Property management.

7. Internet shopping.

8. Home builders.

9. Plumbers.

10. Auto repair and services.