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Beth Lieffort, 54

Beth Marie Lieffort, 54, Alexandria, died March 13, 2009.

Beth was born in Glenwood on January 25, 1953 at 9:35 p.m. to William "Bill," P. Blair, and Delores "Dell." Ann Edmunds-Blair. Bill and Dell hoped for children in the early years of their marriage and found great joy in Beth, their only.

Beth learned to love pets in her parents' home. Horses were a big part of her youth, beginning with Midnight and followed by Stormy, who she rode until she was 18. An impressive group of dogs accompanied her life, including Cookie, Taffy, Pat, Drellie, Meera, and the ever-present Tammy. Likewise, an amazing group of cats have been Beth's companions - Aida, Zelda, Otto, Mimi, Link, Izzi, Stella, and currently, Archie and Ava.

Beth also collected friends and she has many dear ones. She placed a very high priority on maintaining the friendship of people she loved, always without reservation.

Beth and Al met in 1975 on the beach beside Lake Pelican near Minnewaska. They fell in love and were married. The wedding took place on May Day, 1976. Her first two children, Amaza and Seth, followed quickly within 14 months of one another. The joy that these two young people brought to Beth filled her life. Amaza's husband, Wade Reitmeier, helped bring the wonderful 4-year-old Mason Wade and 2-year-old Grady Albert Reitmeier into Beth's life. She was thrilled for Seth and his wife, Becky, who will become parents this spring.

On August 11, 1990, Elizabeth Angel was born to Beth and Albert. She will graduate from Jefferson High School this June and begin her career in college this fall pursuing a music performance degree with the flute. She inherited many things from her mother; her eyes, her enormous inner beauty, her amazing hair, and her love of cats.

Bethie thanks everyone who has loved her. She found joy in companionship. Aside from a good laugh now and then, good company was one of Beth's favorite things in life. She was always good for a laugh.

She is survived by her husband, Albert, formerly of Milbank, SD, now from Alexandria; three children, Seth and wife, Rebecca Holm Lieffort; Amaza and husband, Wade Reitmeier, Elizabeth Lieffort; two grandchildren, Mason Wade and Grady Albert Reitmeier; and her mother, Delores "Dell." She was preceded in death by her father.

A memorial service was held March 23 at Anderson Funeral Home in Alexandria.

Arrangements are with Anderson Funeral Home in Alexandria;