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Bad guys do not obey laws

To the editor:

On Friday, December 13, in Centennial, Colorado, a good guy with a gun did what the gun haters said would be impossible. He stopped a bad guy with a gun, proving once again, more armed good guys save lives.

Recent reports about the Arapahoe High School shooting show that an armed resource officer at the school most likely caused the shooter to take his own life before he could take anyone else’s. Within one minute and 20 seconds, the threat was neutralized, when the resource officer confronted the shooter.

Authorities know from research, along with findings by forensic psychologists who study school shootings, shooters will typically continue firing until confronted by law enforcement. And on Friday, that is exactly what happened. Thank God.

According to Arapahoe County Sheriff Grayson Robinson, “The rampage might have resulted in many more casualties had it not been for the quick response of a deputy sheriff who was working as a school resource officer at the school. We believe that the response from the school resource officer and from the unarmed school security officer was absolutely critical to the fact we did not have additional injury and or death.”

So, there it is: Common sense. The main reason this didn’t turn into another school massacre was the presence of a good guy with a gun when a bad guy started shooting. Gun haters would tell you that more gun control laws would stop this craziness. Bad guys, by virtue of their of “job description,” do not obey laws, only the good guys do. The criminals like unarmed citizens. It makes their “job” so much easier.

However, it seems when confronted by a good guy with a gun, the bad guy decides that the level playing field is not one he wants to participate on.

Sue Nelson

Perham, MN