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April is national County Government Month

To the editor:

April is national County Government Month and we want to express our sincere thanks to each and every Douglas County employee for the fine jobs they do.

Counties really do matter. Counties play a central role in our communities and the lives of all Americans. They protect our homes, schools and neighborhoods; ensure that we have clean water and effective wastewater systems, maintain safe roads, bridges and transit systems; provide access to health care, fund and run elections and operate courts and jails, handle natural disasters and other emergencies.

Our county parks and recreation programs are a responsibility of county government, as well as libraries and recycling facilities, all very important parts of our communities and people’s well-being. Counties serve as the safety net for our children, the elderly, the disabled, the mentally ill, veterans and those in need.

On a day to day basis, county employees are confronted with folks who may not be all that excited about paying their taxes, paying for a permit, making an appointment for their health, getting a license, etc., but they do their jobs respectfully and willingly. Of course, county employees don’t make the laws, they are just doing what the rules and regulations tell them to do. They do a wonderful job.

We need to take every opportunity to educate our citizens about why counties matter. To help the public learn more of what your county does, look for Letters to the Editor and/or Commentaries by county department heads in area newspapers throughout the month of April.