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An angel experience with security truck

To the editor:

I love the article that was in the Echo Press newspaper a few weeks back of Larry Kvitek where he had an angel experience.

The Monday after Easter, I may have had my own angel experience.

My mother, Charlotte Johnson, was at my home to celebrate for the weekend when she came down with flu-like symptoms. She ended up spending all Sunday night in the Douglas County Hospital ER. Monday morning, the doctor decided to do an emergency operation to save her life. My husband took me out for breakfast at the Coffee Pot while they were prepping her for the three to four hour surgery.

On the way out, a lady in a truck marked “Security” in big bold letters that seemed to flash out at me, asked us where to find the Department of Motor Vehicles. I told her to “Turn around and follow us, because that is the easiest thing to do.”

Now, whether she was an angel to deliver a message from God of “Security” or we were her angel, I do not know. But after seeing the writing on her truck, I was reminded that my mom was secure in God’s hands – if she lived or even if she died.

Our security is the word of God, the Bible; and Jesus Christ. If you are lost? Then, “Turn around and follow the Good Shepherd because that is the easiest and the most important thing to do.”

And my mom? Recovering nicely, because God answers prayers. Not always with a “yes,” sometimes with a “no” or sometimes with a “wait and see,” but He always answers. And He answered. Thank You, Lord!

A special thanks to all our friends and family who prayed for my mom and the awesome doctors, nurses and staff who helped.