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All revved up - even at 25 below

Echo Press photo by Al Edenloff Randy Neumann of Osakis (red snowmobile) battled Jim Lennox of Kimball through a turn in the Vintage One Lunger Series Big Ole Holiday Spectacular Saturday. The race took place on Lake Darling near Arrowwood Resort.1 / 2
Echo Press photo by Al Edenloff2 / 2

If you thought Saturday's 25-below temperatures were cold, imagine racing a snowmobile in those bone-chilling conditions.

It could be a new kind of "extreme sport."

That's what about 70 die-hard snowmobile drivers did on Lake Darling Saturday during the Vintage One Lunger Series (VOLS) Big Ole Holiday Spectacular.

Organizers said the entries were down about 30 or so from past years because of the bitterly cold weather.

But that didn't stop the fun. Or the speed.

The faster class of sleds, the 440 open modifieds, reached speeds of 85 miles per hour on the straight-aways, according to race officials. If you calculate that speed as a wind chill, the drivers were bracing a temperature of 71-below.

Drivers competed in two different styles of track - Lemans and oval.

Here are the first place winners in all 22 races:

1970 and Older HR Stock: - Bryan Miliander, Skidoo, Mahnomen.

1973 and Older 0-370 HD - Dustin Preusser, Skidoo, Kimball.

1973 and Older Factory Stock 20 Horsepower or Less Relic Class - Lee Larson, Skidoo, Madison.

1973 and Older 0-370 HR - Ford Lenarz, Yamaha, Moorhead.

Pro Stock Single 0-400cc - Troy Lange, Yamaha, Howard Lake.

Juniors Singles - Kayla Neumann, Rupp, Osakis.

Seniors Singles - Troy Lange, Yamaha, Howard Lake.

Powder Puff Singles - Lennox (first name unavailable), Polaris, Kimball.

0-340 Fan Super Stock - Bradley Johnson, Polaris, Hutchinson.

0-340 Liquid Cool Super Stock - Jim Lennox, Polaris, Hutchinson.

0-340 Free Air Super Stock - Randy Neumann, Rupp, Osakis.

0-440 Fan Super Stock - Jeremy Schoeppler, Yamaha, Rogers.

0-440 Liquid Free Air Super Stock - Nathan Westlund, Polaris, Strathcuna.

0-500 IFS Super Stock - Jeremy Schoeppler, Yamaha, Rogers.

0-300 FC/FA - Bradley Johnson, Polaris, Hutchinson.

Juniors Twins - Tyler Johnson, Polaris, Hutchinson.

300cc Super MOD - Doug Johnson, Arctic Cat, Hutchinson.

0-370 HD - Tyler Neumann, Rupp, Osakis.

340 Super MOD - Jim Lennox, Polaris, Kimball.

0-370 HR - Ray Newberg, Arctic Cat, Litchfield.

440cc Super MOD - Troy Lange, Polaris, Howard Lake.

Open MOD - Troy Lange, Polaris, Howard Lake.

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