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All forms of pollution should be addressed

To the editor:

We want to applaud the Douglas County Board of Adjustment and Planning Advisory Commission for denying a variance request for a feedlot in Evansville Township. Feed lots are a high impact industry which can detrimentally affect our fresh waters when located near watersheds, lakes, rivers and streams. We are aware of your concern for these sensitive areas and hope you will consider all forms of pollution that negatively impacts the water quality, not just the large polluters.

The Chippewa River is already an impaired watershed. Our questions to the commissioners include the following:

• Is this pollution from animal agriculture or from the chemicals, fertilizers and erosion from the row crop planted near the watershed?

• Year after year, all over Douglas County, we can see the erosion and runoff from the corn and grain fields. What is the commission doing about this recurring problem?

• Finally, the continuing “development” on Long Lake will bring a corresponding increase of fertilizer and chemical runoff from lawns, which will replace the native vegetation around the lake. How will this be dealt with?

Our point, simply stated, if you limit one form of pollution you have to be consistent and ban all forms of pollution that endanger our waters. Farm fields and housing development on and near our waters are equally guilty of fouling our waters.

Wake up, people! It’s time to take responsibility for your part in contributing to the issue at hand.