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Alexandria woman’s fitness product featured in nationwide infomercial

Natalie Heckert (left), inventor of E Fit System, is shown with Shari Stensland, mother of three; Tracey Yukich, contestant on NBC show, the Biggest Loser; Cheryl Westerman, mother of three and fitness expert from Texas; and Julie Moran, former host of Entertainment Tonight, who is the host of the Club E Fit infomercial. (Contributed)

An Alexandria-based invention and company, Club E Fit, is ready to launch a nationwide 30-minute infomercial.

The show poses the question: Will this be America’s next great fitness product?

The start of the infomercial showcases Alexandria, where Natalie Heckert, the inventor, lives and where the fitness product got its start, thanks to the community’s help both in product development and client use and support.

The show was written by Infomercial of The Year Award winner, Colleen Szot. She is well-known in the industry and has written shows for Pamela Anderson, Kathy Lee Gifford, Tony Robbins, George Foreman, Tony Little, Deepak Chopra and more.

The host of the Club E Fit infomercial is Julie Moran, former host of Entertainment Tonight and infomercial host of Slim in 6, which grossed over $500 million in sales. She is currently the host of a TV show called The Balancing Act week days on the Lifetime network.

Moran will be joined by Heckert on the show.

Heckert is a Minnesota farmer’s daughter who moved to Los Angeles to chase her fitness dream. Her accomplishments include being the successful business CEO of NATS (Nutrition and Aerobic Training Service) for 18 years, a Mrs. Minnesota finalist, a contestant on The Price is Right, auditioned for Oprah’s Next Big Invention, and worked with Tracey Yukich while she was on NBC’s The Biggest Loser.

She has invented a variety of fitness products and has starred in numerous exercise videos.

Heckert designed, helped develop and implemented a wellness center for Tastefully Simple, an Inc. 500 organization. She originated and helped develop a two-year health and fitness specialist degree program in partnership with the Alexandria Technical and Community College.

Heckert is on the national/international circuit as a fitness expert and motivational speaker. She has helped thousands of people get in shape, lose weight and now her goal is to “E Fit” America.

The Club E Fit infomercial, produced in California, will be airing across America within the next 10 days.

The full 30-minute Club E Fit infomercial will be posted soon on