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Alexandria man shot by deputy after robbery in Morris

By Kim Ukura, Editor Morris Sun Tribune

An Alexandria man who was shot by a Swift County deputy sheriff five days ago has been charged with a one felony count of aggravated robbery after pretending to have a gun and stealing $295 from a bar in Morris.

Following the robbery, Brent Allen Anderson, 55, was stopped by officers with the Swift County Sheriff’s Office and the Appleton Police Department where he was shot twice.

Just after midnight on Saturday, February 22, an employee of the Met Lounge in Morris reported an armed robbery to the Morris Police Department.

According to the complaint, Anderson had been at the bar that evening, exhibiting behavior the employee considered “creepy.” Over the course of the evening, Anderson came in and out of the bar, asked for “the cheapest beer the bar had” and attempted to pay in change from his sleeve.

When he returned for the final time, Anderson confronted the employee while she was working at the bar by leaning in and telling her that he had a gun. Anderson told the employee to open the cash register or he would harm her, the complaint states.

The employee opened the register, then ran into the back room where she called 911.

Video from the bar shows Anderson waiting by the cash register, sticking his hand under his sweatshirt to make it look like he had a weapon and speaking to the employee before reaching into the cash drawer to steal the cash, the complaint states.

A witness in the bar followed Anderson out of the building after the robbery and saw him get into a red cab pickup truck. The suspect and vehicle information was then broadcast to surrounding counties.

Shortly before 1 a.m., officers with the Swift County Sheriff’s Office and the Appleton Police Department stopped a vehicle matching the description of Anderson’s vehicle, according to a release from the sheriff’s office.

During the stop, Anderson was shot twice by a Swift County deputy sheriff. Anderson was alone in the vehicle and the only person injured, the release said. He was taken to St. Cloud Hospital.

The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension is handling the investigation of the shooting.