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420 Jim stops by during national quest

Big Ole had some company today when the 'most photographed RV in the country' decided to park at his feet.

James "420 Jim" Stevens and his trusty, furry sidekick Jack Apoo decided to visit Alexandria on Thursday, June 26, during his roadtrip across America, in his self-proclaimed most-photographed Winnebago, on the mission to collect names for a petition to federally legalize marijuana.

On March 1 in Farmington, New Mexico, 420 Jim left home and embarked on his cross-country mission. He has stopped in towns throughout New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, and Minnesota, giving nothing but smiles and offering education to anyone wanting to listen. 

He isn't looking for just medicinal or recreational marijuana use to be legalized, he is reaching for a bigger goal.

"The great Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream, and I do, too," 420 Jim said with a big grin. "I want to see fields and fields and fields of marijuana grown in our nation. We can make oil from it, we can make fuel from it, it can save our planet." 420 Jim went on to discuss how even the market of rope could drastically change in the country if America had marijuana fields, allowing them to produce hemp rope that would be cheaper than outsourcing to other countries to purchase.

A major selling point of 420 Jim's is the difference between marijuana and alcohol.

"I would rather have 100,000 stoners with guns than 100 alcoholics with guns," he said as a firm believer that marijuana is safer than alcohol. "Every second someone dies in an alcohol related death; there has never been a proven death linked to marijuana."

While talking to him, people are welcome to not only sign the petition, but to make a donation and tag his Winnebago he's been travelling in.

"It doesn't matter what you want to donate," he exclaimed. "I had someone make these pants for me as a donation, whatever they want to give counts."

If someone donates a minimum of $10, though, they can pick out one of 420 Jim's custom made t-shirts that sport hemp leaves and crosses.

Impressed with the way the city of Alexandria, including the police department, welcomed him, 420 Jim boasted about small towns in America.

"Little towns don't get to be heard from much," he said. "But they're the ones who are going to make a difference in the end."

420 Jim's goal is to make it to Washington, D.C., in November, where he will deliver the petition and invite President Obama to tag the Winnebago sans donation. He hopes for the federal legalization of marijuana to be signed on 4/20/2015.

Annie Harman
Annie Harman is a reporter for Echo Press and The Osakis Review. She grew up in Detroit Lakes and graduated from the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire with a degree in print journalism and history in May 2012. Follow her on Twitter at annieharman
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