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2014 Broadway Street redesign concerns being addressed

To the editor:

With the coming Broadway Street redesign, concerns have been raised about parking space, lane width, snow removal, pedestrian safety and bike lanes. These are valid concerns that are being addressed.

While specific issues are important, I think we also need to look at the big picture. As one store owner put it, our customers don’t just want to buy stuff, they’re here for an “experience.” I think that’s the beauty of this project. It helps make downtown Alexandria an experience; one that will attract more people and help our community.

A huge amount of time and effort has already been devoted to design, planning and helping businesses get through the summer project. A large marketing campaign is being planned. Meetings are ongoing with the Minnesota Department of Transportation, the city engineers and planners, the city council, the project designers, the public health department, the chamber of commerce, pedestrian consultants, other cities that have gone through the same process, the downtown merchants association and the local media. A financial study of the project, the first complete study of its kind in the country, is being conducted.

I’m excited to be involved with this project. I’ve seen the plans and witnessed the positive intentions and ideas of the others involved.

We are all excited about this opportunity to help Alexandria become even better than it is. The process will be challenging but the result will be amazing.

We invite everyone to keep on coming downtown in the summer of 2014. We’ll have lots of creative things going on. Downtown will remain open throughout the whole process.

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Jeff Meland, president

Alexandria Downtown Merchants Assn.

Alexandria, MN