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1201846 Sealed Bids

Sealed Bids

Publish January 19, 26, February 2,


SECTION 001113


Alexandria Public Schools ISD #206

Alexandria, Minnesota 56308

Alexandria Public Schools ISD

#206 invites bids for the "Induction

Displacement Units and Accessories -

Materials" for the Lincoln Elementary

School in accordance with bidding

documents prepared by Ringdahl Ar-

chitects, Inc. and Design Tree Engi-

neering, Inc. Bids will be received for

separate prime contracts managed by

R. A. Morton and Associates, Inc.,

Construction Managers.


Bids will be for the Induction Dis-

placement Units and Accessories (ma-

terials only) for the mechanical up-

grades to the Lincoln Elementary

School in Alexandria, MN.


Bids are due on or before Febru-

ary 10, 2011 @ 2:00 pm. Bids will be

received at Alexandria Public School

ISD #206 District Office at 1410 South

McKay Avenue, Suite 201, Alexandria,

MN 56308-0308. Bids will be publicly

opened and read aloud there. No

faxed bids.


There will be no pre-bid confer-

ence and walk through for this bid, but

arrangements can be made for con-

tractors wanting to see the site.



Project documents will be avail-

able at In-

terested parties may view the bid Doc-

uments at no cost. You may download

the complete set of digital bidding doc-

uments, for a non-refundable charge

of $10 by entering eBidDoc TM

#1432847 on the "Search Projects"

page. Plan Holders are parties that

have downloaded the plans and spec-

ifications and need to have them print-

ed elsewhere are solely responsible

for those printing costs. The sales of

paper copies for projects listed on this

site are not available. Please contact at 952.233.1632 or in- for assistance in

downloading and working with this dig-

ital project information.


Bidding documents may be exam-

ined at the office of the Architect and

at the following locations:

R.A. Morton and Associates, Inc.,

St Cloud, MN; Ringdahl Architects,

Inc. Alexandria, MN; Design Tree En-

gineering, Inc. Alexandria and St.

Cloud, MN

Bidding documents will be avail-

able on January 24, 2011.


Each bid in excess of $20,000

shall be accompanied by a bid secur-

ity of 5% of the maximum amount of

the bid in the form of a Surety Bond,

Certified Check or Cashier's Check.

Each successful prime contract bidder

shall furnish a Performance and Pay-

ment Bonds in the full amount of the

contract if contract exceeds $20,000.

Surety must be authorized to do busi-

ness in State of Minnesota.


Prevailing wage requirements are

not required for this bid.


The bidder acknowledges the right

of the owner to reject any or all bids,

accept any bid, waive informalities in

bids submitted, and waive minor dis-

crepancies in bidding procedures, as

deemed to be in the owner's best in-

terest. Each bidder agrees to waive

any claim it has or may have against

the Owner, the Construction Manager,

the Architect and respective employ-

ees, arising out of or in connection

with the administration, evaluation or

recommendation of any bid. Bids may

not be withdrawn for a period of Forty

Five (45) calendar days immediately

following the date of receipt of bids.


It is the intent of the Owner to take

advantage of their tax-exempt status

as a Minnesota Public Corporation to

exclude state sales tax from material

only bids and contracts. Refer to Sec-

tion 00300 Bid Form for bid division

descriptions of bid packages that are

material only and are not to include

state sales tax. All other bid packages

shall include state sales tax. By their

signature on the Bid, the bidder war-

rants and guarantees that they have

included in the bid the amount of all

Excise and Use Taxes which they are

liable to pay under laws of the State of

Minnesota for materials and equip-

ment required to complete the Work.


Addendums will automatically be

sent to those identified as plan holders

on Quest CDN for this project.


Direct any questions regarding the

bid documents on this project to Chris

Schaefer at Design Tree Engineering,

Inc., phone (320) 217-5557, fax

(320) 217-5597.

Direct any questions regarding

bidding procedure, schedule and spec

divisions 0 & 1 on this project to Paul

Heinen at R. A. Morton and Asso-

ciates, Inc., phone (320) 251-0262 ext.

152, fax (320) 251-5749.