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Students give of their time to help seniors

Area National Honor Society students assist seniors at the Alexandria Senior Center in how to use computers, smartphones and other technology. The students offer this service on the fourth Wednesday of each month. (Contributed)

Students from the National Honor Society volunteer their time once a month at the Alexandria Senior Center to assist seniors with their smartphones, iPads, computers and other technology. They come to the senior center at 3:30 on the days that the Midwest Educational Computer Association meets.

MECA is a computer club that has been meeting at the senior center for almost 30 years. It was created to help seniors learn computer basics.

If seniors wish to receive guidance from a student, reservations are requested so that students know how many to expect and for which devices. Call the senior center at (320) 762-2087 to make a reservation.

Generally, this opportunity is extended on the fourth Wednesday of each month, but due to the holidays, youth will be there at 3:30 on the second Wednesdays, Nov. 9 and Dec. 14.