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Public Notice: Commissioners Meeting February 4, 2014

Tuesday, March 4, 2014 - 6:02pm

Public Notice

Publish March 5, 2014




FEBRUARY 4, 2014

The Board of Commissioners in and for the County of Douglas, State of Minnesota, met in Regular Session this 4th day of February, 2014. Following is a summary of actions taken at that meeting. The full text is available for public inspection in the County Auditor/Treasurers office.

To approve the agenda with additions. Motion carried.

To approve minutes of the January 14th and January 21st, 2014 Regular Board meetings as submitted. Motion carried.

To pay bill as follows:

Vendor Name - Count - Amount

A'viands, LLC - 9,171.54

Accurate Controls, Inc - 2,581.75

American Screening Corporation - 2,667.00

Alexandria Light & Power - 4,567.30

Alexandria Opportunity Center - 11,130.22

Anderson Funeral Home LLC - 3,200.00

Beltrami County Treasurer - 11,220.00

Bethany Home - 11,710.72

Bremer Bank - 14,415.00

Centerpoint Energy - 3,713.97

Computer Information Systems - 23,556.00

Crow Wing County Auditor-Treasurer - 2,953.86

Centerpoint Energy - 23,071.89

Community Health Info Collaborative - 10,025.00

Computer Professionals Unlimited - 5,096.40

Department of Human Services - 24,863.07

Dept of Human Services-MEC2 - 3,319.50

Douglas County Attorney - 9,925.55

Douglas County Auditor-Treasurer - 161,796.81

Douglas County Public Works - 10,462.81

Emergency Communications Network - 17,250.00

Estenson Printing - 2,240.00

Farmers Union Oil - 7,412.90

Ferguson Brothers Excavating - 10,185.00

Forum Communications Printing - 7,000.00

Getz Construction LLC/Jerome - 19,272.00

Granite Electronics - 81,080.12

Galeon - 3,555.08

H & R Tire Service - 8,132.00

Highway Amoco - 23,237.10

Haglin/Daniel - 2,700.58

Hansen/Randy & Melissa - 2,299.58

Independent Emergency Services - 58,972.21

Improve Group/The - 3,040.00

Jaymes Out & About Ptg,LLC - 4,232.00

Keller/Patricia or Troy - 2,616.84

Kidspeace Mesabi Academy - 8,780.75

Kindred Family Services - 4,853.36

Knute Nelson Memorial Home - 19,476.55

Lamar Companies - 4,772.00

Lutheran Social Services of MN - 3,187.25

Maney International of Alex, Inc - 2,711.63

Marco, Inc. - 2,351.79

McLeod Treatment Programs, Inc - 5,973.70

Meridian Services Inc - 2,646.44

Morris Sun Tribune - 2,520.00

MSOP-MN Sex Offender Prog-462 - 11,925.00

North American Salt Company - 29,604.13

North Homes Children & Family Services - 3,073.34

O'brien/Mary Jo - 5,583.33

Osakis City Clerk*Treasurer - 4,040.00

Otter Tail County Highway Dept - 2,048.06

Olson/Andrea H - 2,000.00

Outcome Resources, LLC - 3,343.93

Oxcyon Inc - 8,500.00

Pitney Bowes, Inc - 2,127.75

Payee Central Diversified Inc - 5,366.61

Prairie Community Services - 7,211.99

Prairie Community Services Inc - 19,663.03

Productive Alternatives Inc - 5,886.77

Ratwik,Roszak & Maloney - 3,915.42

REM Central Lakes Inc - 4,172.40

Roy-Hetland Funeral Home Inc - 3,200.00

Rural Minnesota CEP Inc - 5,064.24

Scott's Repair - 3,017.03

Stein's, Inc - 2,289.98

Sayre/Marsha - 4,398.84

West Central MN Petroleum LLC - 24,013.67

West Central Regional Juv Ctr - 19,010.75

Other Vendors - 362 - 118,880.27

Grand Total - 958,283.81

Motion carried.

To table the application for Precious Metal Dealer and fee until the next Board meeting on February 18th. Motion carried.

To adopt Resolution 14-05 approving a gambling permit. Motion carried.

To approve the 2014/2015 Board of Water and Soil Resources Natural Resources Block Grant agreement as presented by Dave Rush and Jerry Haggenmiller. Motion carried.

To approve the revision to the Developers Agreement on the Plat of Sailor Crossing to eliminate articles #10 and #11 and replace with a condition to require repayment of the waived park dedication fee of $6,000. Motion carried.

To approve the Excavator/Landscaper licenses as presented by Dave Rush. Motion carried.

To accept the recommendation of the Planning Commission and approve the Conditional Use Permit for Eric W. and Debra A. Mohr parcel number 27-1325-000 to allow 100% credit for pervious pavers with an approved storm water plan with conditions. Motion carried.

To accept the recommendation of the Planning Commission and approve the Conditional Use Permit for Penta, LLC leased by Bryon Chisholm parcel number 48-0008-655 to allow outdoor display of vehicles and equipment for sale with conditions. Motion carried.

To accept the recommendation of the Planning Commission and approve the Conditional Use Permit for Mathew A. and Cindee A. Kakac parcel number 30-0513-000 for the amendment of Conditional Use Permit #2007-24 to allow the expansion of an existing dog boarding facility of 30 new kennels and the addition of dog grooming services with two full time employees with conditions. Motion carried.

To approve the Conditional Use Permit for Bechtold Family Limited Partnership parcel number 21-0101-000 to allow an electronic changeable copy sign (digital) as presented. Motion carried.

To approve the Preliminary Plat of Freyas Farm with one condition. Motion carried.

To adopt Resolution 14-06 accepting the completed project and authorizing final payment. Motion carried.

To adopt Resolution 14-07 accepting the completed project and authorizing final payment. Motion carried.

To approve a change to the 2013 Loan Adjustments and 2014 Special Assessments for legal drainage systems in Douglas County as presented by Tom Anderson. Motion carried.

To accept the Lake Brophy Park grant in the amount of $292,000 from the 2014 Parks and Trails Legacy Grant Program. Motion carried.

To accept the $1,000 donation from the Sertoma Club for Curt Felt Park. Motion carried.

To adopt the AMC sponsored Website Publication Resolution (14-08). Motion failed.

By consensus the Website Publication resolution will be sent back to AMC for revisions.

To approve the position re-evaluations from Public Employees HR Consulting. Motion carried.

To adopt the Random Acts of Kindness Proclamation as read by Commissioner Bales. Motion carried.

To appoint Mike Woods to the Champions Committee. Motion carried.

To approve the agreement between Douglas County and the City of Alexandria covering eCharging network communications and technical support as presented by Brent Birkeland. Motion carried.

To approve an amendment of the Declaration for Sailor Crossing revising Section 15 of the Declaration (dated June 11, 2007, recorded on 11, 2007 as Document No. A295849 in the Office of the Douglas County Recorder), so as to remove and release the requirement for consent of the Douglas County Board of Commissioners with respect to any amendment to the Declaration. Motion carried.

By consensus the Board approved Char Rosenows request to allow Chad Ferguson to sit on the LEAN Committee. Vote: Yes - Bales, Johnson, Meyer, Olson and Stratton. Motion carried.

At 10:10 a.m. the Board moved into Closed Session per MN Statute 13D for the purpose of discussing labor negotiations.

At 10:20 a.m. the Board returned to Regular Session.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:22 a.m.