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Wedding party visits fairgrounds

Jackie and Brandon Salisbury of Moorhead took a detour between their wedding and reception on Lake Louise Saturday for a quick trip to the Douglas County Fair. Jackie even won this panda on the Midway. (Ross Evavold / Echo Press)1 / 2
(From left) Jon Monsour, Shar Carlson, Marie Giezendanner and Kristi Monsour, members of the Salisbury wedding party, snap a photo at the Douglas County Fair Saturday. (Ross Evavold / Echo Press) 2 / 2

It wasn't long after Jackie and Brandon Salisbury said their wedding vows Saturday that they made another vow: to check out the Douglas County Fair.

The newly-married couple, with their wedding party in tow, found time between the wedding and the reception to visit the fairgrounds and pack in a few "musts" before returning to the gathering on Lake Louise.

Jackie's grandmother, Arlou Capouch, lives on Lake Louise, and Jackie's mom, Vickie Konop, set up the wedding with a lake as the backdrop. What else would you expect in the lakes area that is Alexandria?

Jackie was no stranger to the fair, but Brandon hails from Colorado, and he was making his first visit to our August staple.

In their brief time on the fairgrounds, the happy couple did what so many other county residents do at the fair. They sought out a corn dog and some cheese curds, they petted a few goats, and they tried their luck at a game on the Midway.

Befitting a wedding day, the Salisburys' luck was unbeatable. As she left the fairgrounds with her new husband on the back of a makeshift golf cart, she did so with a stuffed panda that she won at the game.

That's what is called a winning streak.