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Pope County archeologists share findings, identify artifacts

Pottery pieces like these in the Pope County Museum's collection are often found at a campsite. Archaeologists can determine when and where a pot was made from the type of clay, the shape of the pot and by the decoration. Some of the museum's pottery pieces date back 3000 years. (Contributed)1 / 4
These stone points were found in the Villard area. The largest piece is a stone scraper commonly used in tanning leather. The points or arrowheads were used in hunting by spear or bow and arrow. Pope County Museum officials hope that archaeologists surveying the county will be able to provide more information. (Contributed)2 / 4
Archaeology team members document finds from a Pope County shovel test. A Starbuck area shovel test revealed pottery pieces, fish bones and a fine arrowhead point. (Contributed)3 / 4
An archeology team screens for artifacts. Results from these tests can reveal camp sites and villages. The archaeologists are also examining fur-trade and military trails to compare with pre-contact trails in Pope County. (Contributed)4 / 4

An archaeology team working in Pope County will present preliminary findings and share their plans for coming months, as well as provide information about artifacts brought in by local residents.

The Archaeology of Pope County presentation and Artifact Identification workshop is set for 1 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 21, at the Pope County Museum, 809 South Lakeshore Dr. in Glenwood.

Beginning this fall, archeologists have been tromping through plowed fields, looking for important historical sites and artifacts that can paint a picture of life in Pope County over the past 13,000 years. Their methods include ground penetrating radar as well as low-tech tools such as canoes that help find sites alongside lakes and rivers.

"Results will inform our understanding of Pope County's past, guide land management decisions, and help prevent impacts to places of human burial," the museum said in a news release.

The Pope County Archaeological Survey is part of the state's ongoing effort to improve understanding of the long-term history of the state.

Residents are invited to bring artifacts they have found, and project archaeologists will provide information on the age, function and historical contexts of the objects.

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