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Bookshelves teem with many topics, genres

Often throughout each day, I step out of my office at the Douglas County Library and take a walk around the library. This gives me the opportunity to make sure that things are running smoothly. I look for people who may need directions or suggestions. I also look to make sure that our shelves are well organized. If books are leaning on the shelf, I straighten them. If magazines are out of order, I rearrange them.

When I walk through the library, I often see our regular patrons. I see excited readers find the next book in their favorite series. I also always seem to see the book "Good Snakekeeping" by Phillip Purser.

It's hard to explain why the book on snakekeeping interests me. I am not much of a fan of the reptiles in questions. I shudder to think of being in close proximity to snakes. But I know that just as there are books out there for every reader, there are hobbies out there for everyone. And whatever the hobby, there must be a book that teaches that hobby. If such a book exists, we should be able to help you access it at the Douglas County Library.

Our non-fiction bookshelves teem with how-tos that range from foreign languages to cookbooks to art to sports and games. Looking for different games to teach your kids? "The Big Book of Rules: Board Games, Kids' Games, Card Games, From Backgammon and Bocce to Tiddly Winks and Stickball" by Stephanie Spadaccini should provide hours of fun and amusement.

Want to learn to macrame a duck? You may get inspiration from "Macrame: 20 Great Projects to Knot" by Jim Gentry or "Macrame Today: Contemporary Knotting Projects" by Darlyn Susan Yee.

Are you a fan of the Outlander series of books and television seasons? "Outlander Kitchen: The Official Outlander Cookbook" by Theresa Carle-Sanders promises to help you cook, serve and eat the same foods consumed by the characters in Diana Gabaldon's work.

Our library's foreign language collection is quite diverse and can teach basic phrases in languages that range from French, Spanish and German to Dutch, Swahili and Thai.

While books comprise the majority of what we offer at the library, a dive into our DVD collection will find how-tos and instructional videos that can teach a wide variety of skills. I'm interested in checking-out Yoga DVDs to learn some basic postures. Yoga will be my new hobby learned from the library.

I encourage you to stop by and discover yours somewhere on the library shelves. It may even be snakekeeping. If you give snakekeeping a try, you would learn a new hobby and I wouldn't get to see that title on the shelf quite as often.