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Computer services offered at Douglas County Library

The Douglas County Library recently added an AWE Early Literacy Computer Station to the children's library.

This computer has no Internet access and is bilingual, enabling kids to try games in English or test themselves by exploring the Spanish language option.

The computer is specially designed for kids, featuring a colorful keyboard and a child-size mouse. Visit the children's area of the library and discover the fun to be had on the AWE Early Literacy Station.

Additionally, there are more than 60 games on the early literacy station geared toward kids ages 2-8. The games will teach the alphabet, numbers and subjects such as math, reading and science.

The new computer also features a touch screen. Kids who have become accustomed to tablets and cellphones will be able to easily adapt to the large screen of the AWE Early Literacy Station.

Kids will see familiar faces like Dora the Explorer and Diego and have the chance to experience music and the arts.

The Douglas County Library provides a computer lab with 10 computers, two printers and a scanner for public use.

A library card grants access to the computers and provides the ability to check out DVDs, books and online resources.

The library offers free wireless access in public areas at all times the library is open.

For more information, contact the Douglas County Library.


The new AWE Early Literacy Computer Station at the Douglas County Library has:

• Bilingual capabilities (English/Spanish)

• A large touch screen.

• Fun features designed for kids, including a colorful keyboard and small mouse.

• More than 60 games geared toward ages 2-8.