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Library board searches for new member in District 5

The Douglas County Library board is searching for another member from District 5. The district includes Alexandria Township and Alexandria's Ward 3.

The board member will assist in determining the policy of the library and developing the highest possible degree of operating efficiency in the library. They will also help select and appoint a competent administrator or librarian.

Board members also advise in the preparation of the budget, approve it, and ensure that adequate funds are provided to finance the approved budget.

Through the director, board members supervise and maintain buildings and grounds, as well as regularly review various physical and building needs to see that they meet the requirements of the total library program.

Board members are also expected to study and support legislation that will bring about the greatest good to the greatest number of libraries.

They also cooperate with other public officials and boards and maintain vital public relations.

The Douglas County Library board meets once a month in the meeting room located at the library.

The board member term is three years with a maximum of nine years.

The library board is made up of seven members.

People interested in the board member position should stop in at the Douglas County Library for an application form and questionnaire.