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Douglas Scientific and LGC team up

Douglas Scientific and LGC announced they have formalized an exclusive distribution agreement for the sale of Douglas Scientific’s Array Tape Platform.

Under the terms of this agreement, LGC will represent and distribute the existing and future Array Tape laboratory automation platforms in Europe, Middle East and Africa. The Array Tape Platform is highly compatible with LGC’s KASP genotyping assays and reagents. KASP chemistry is an enabling technology utilized to genotype known polymorphisms in the targeted DNA.

“If our combined solution results in more food for a growing population, a safer food supply and environment, and faster and less costly diagnostics, then we’ve achieved something much more powerful than we could have independently,” said Darren Cook, executive vice president of business development and strategy at Douglas Scientific.

The combined technologies will provide a solution for high-throughput genetic analysis that simplifies sample preparation, decreases cost per sample, and increases sample throughput.

Together, Douglas Scientific and LGC’s Genomics Division will work with customers in the pharmaceuticals, agricultural biotechnology, food, environment, government, academic, security and sports sectors to achieve excellence in investigative, diagnostic and measurement science.