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Custom-made knee implant making strides in Alexandria

Utilizing MRI technology and pre-operative planning tools, knee specialist Dr. Patrick Hurley of Heartland Orthopedic Specialists created a personalized surgical plan customized to the unique anatomy of Alexandria native Rod Lorenz.

After suffering from debilitating knee pain for years, Lorenz sought the care of local knee specialist and surgeon Dr. Hurley to restore his pre-injury lifestyle, which would include returning him to uninterrupted and pain-free sleep.

"I couldn't take it anymore. My knee pain was so severe that it was starting to keep me up at night," said Lorenz, Zamboni driver at Runestone Community Center Ice and Curling Rink.

Dr. Hurley and the joint experts at Heartland Orthopedic Specialists prepared for the procedure by using MRI images to generate a 3D model of Lorenz's knee.

"Using this technology allows us to create a custom-made implant while patient-specific pins guide the new knee joint into the perfect position for the patient," said Dr. Hurley, who has been performing this highly advanced procedure for the past six months. "This accurate placement of the knee implant provides an optimal fit, feel and function to the unique needs of the patient."

Successful, personalized surgery has allowed Lorenz to climb back onto the Zamboni and return to a pain-free lifestyle.

For more information on patient-specific knee procedures, visit or call (320) 762-1144.