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Lakeland Mental Health Center opens office here

Since 1949, Lakeland Mental Health Center (LMHC) has been providing behavioral health care services to residents in west central Minnesota with current offices in Fergus Falls, Moorhead, Detroit Lakes and Glenwood.

Now it has added an office in Alexandria.

On July 1, LMHC took over the ownership of the Douglas County Mental Health Unit at 700 Cedar Street, Suite 154.

LMHC clinical staff provides a full range of confidential mental health services for individuals of all ages, including:

•Psychiatry services.

•Adult and children outpatient therapy.

•Children and adult ADD/ADHD evaluations.

•Gastric bypass evaluations.

•Dialectic Behavioral Therapy services (DBT).

•Many other psychological evaluations for children and adults.

Clinicians may also be available to speak to community groups on specific mental health topics when requested.

The facility is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

LMHC's mission is to "promote healthy individuals, families, and communities by providing high quality, accessible behavioral healthcare."

Current medical providers for the Alexandria office include: Barbara Booth, CNS, Mary Lunde, D.O., Joel Spalding, M.D., and Timothy Rasmussen, M.D.

Outpatient therapists include Howard Peterson, PhD L.P., Nancy Kiger, PhD L.P., Luann Hentz, L.P., David Slattery, EDD L.P., Lisa Voigt, Psy.D. L.P., and Ryan Voigt, Psy.D. L.P.

The center expects to have additional psychiatric time provided through Paul Michels, M.D., who will join the psychiatry team with the use of interactive television technology (ITV) sometime this July or August.

It also expects to have Angela Peterson, PhD L.P., join the outpatient team this summer.

Bill Klein is the site director and Clair Prody is executive director.

For more information, visit the website