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Minnesota-born SuperAmerica becomes Speedway

The former SuperAmerica on Woodland Avenue in Duluth is now Speedway following a parent-company merger. Adelie Bergstrom / Forum News Service

SuperAmerica, a convenience store chain founded in 1960 in St. Paul, will now be known as Speedway.

The change follows the recent merger of Marathon Petroleum Corp., the Ohio-based owner of the Speedway brand, and Andeavor, which has owned the SuperAmerica brand since 2016.

Marathon CEO Gary Heminger told Fox Business in May the combined company, now the largest refiner in the U.S., will "take a Speedway platform coast-to-coast."

"Andeavor had many brands they were using in the company-owned company-operated system," he said. "We will turn those into Speedway and have one system."

Alexandria has two SuperAmerica stores, one at 1422 Broadway and one at the intersection of Nokomis and 3rd Avenue. The store on Broadway is corporate-owned and is expected to switch over to Speedway soon.

However, the store on Nokomis and 3rd Avenue will remain a SuperAmerica because it is a locally-owned franchise, according to store manager Carrie Keesling. She said as far as she knows there are no plans to change its name.

There are about 170 company-owned SuperAmerica locations and 114 franchised stores largely in Minnesota and Wisconsin, according to the company, with more than 2,000 employees in total.

Since its first store opened on Seventh and Wall streets in St. Paul, SuperAmerica or SA has had a number of owners over the years — including, for a time, Marathon. This is the first time the Minnesota-bred brand has ceased to exist, however.

Speedway has its headquarters in Enon, Ohio. It is the nation's second largest-company owned and operated convenience store chain with approximately 2,740 stores in 22 states, its website says.

Marathon did not immediately return requests for comment.

Regular customers are asked to transfer their rewards card balance at The company says SuperAmerica gift cards will no longer be accepted; call 1-800-428-4016 to have balances refunded.

Lowell Anderson of the Echo Press contributed to this story.