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New medical executive committee leadership elected

The Medical Executive Committee at Douglas County Hospital elected its new officers for 2015.

All offices are nominated and elected by the medical staff at Douglas County Hospital.

The new Medical Executive Committee leadership includes:

• Dr. Eric W. Nelson, MD, president/chief of staff

• Dr. Paul M. Kietzmann, MD, immediate past-president

• Dr. Anthony P. Lussenhop, MD, vice-president

• Dr. Michael L. Bristow, DO, secretary/treasurer 

The members-at-large for the Medical Executive Committee include:

• Dr. Steven C. Ferguson, MD

• Dr. Steven P. Radjenovich, DO; and

• Dr. Bruce A. Evink, MD.

Douglas County Hospitals Medical Staff Executive Committee members, in collaboration with the Board of Directors, play a critical role in assuring quality of care and improving patient outcomes by providing oversight to the implementation and maintenance of standards in accordance with federal, state, and accrediting bodies within the hospital setting.