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Former county attorney opens law office in Alexandria

Former Douglas County Attorney Chris Karpan has announced the opening of Chris Karpan Law, LLC, located at 504 3rd Avenue East, at what is more commonly known as "that log building on Third."

Karpan is a 1993 graduate of Hamline University School of Law and joined Schauer Law Office in Sibley County in the fall of 1993. While there, he represented private clients, prosecuted for the county and represented a number of small cities in a wide range of municipal areas.

Karpan was hired as an assistant county attorney in 1996 in Douglas County and was elected Douglas County Attorney in 1998. Karpan was named one of Alexandria's Top Twenty Professionals last fall.

Chris Karpan Law is a general practice with specialized areas in criminal defense, property rights and litigation.

"After 18 years of prosecution and working for the government, I've just about seen it all," said Karpan. "We were involved in everything, from property disputes to child support, from felony prosecution to biting dogs, you name it. I've tried almost every kind of case you can imagine, from cattle rustling to murder."

Karpan added that before becoming a prosecutor, he didn't think defense lawyers served much of a purpose but he learned otherwise.

"The government is a very powerful thing and that power isn't always wielded fairly, although I'd like to think I did no injustice while I was there," he said. "But if you're called into court and the state or county is at the other table, it's imperative you have someone on your side."

Karpan lives in Carlos Township with his wife, Daphne, who is a registered nurse, and has two daughters, Madison and Kirby.

The Karpans take advantage of the Minnesota outdoors with Daphne being a falconer, Madison and Kirby accomplished snow boarders and Chris an avid outdoorsman in all aspects.