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Retail yarn shop opens in Alexandria

Paula Hurley recently opened Bellissima Yarns, a full-service retail yarn store, at 503 Hawthorne Street, Suite 106 in Alexandria. A grand opening will take place Saturday, November 27.

With more than 40 years of knitting experience, she hopes to share her passion, enthusiasm and knowledge of knitting with a wide variety of knitters, or want-to-be knitters.

Bellissima Yarns will offer classes, one-to-one lessons, patterns and accessories, plus a wide variety of yarns. In Italian, bellissima means lovely, Hurley said.

"My grandmother Adelgesia Montini taught me to knit at the age of 5, like in the 'old country.' She emigrated to America from Italy and passed on to me generations of knowledge and patterns for knitting," said Hurley.