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4-H State Project Bowl results

Junior General Livestock (back row, left to right), Gabby Palmer, Travis Yohnke, Molly Maudal; (front, L to R) Jack Schouweiler, Francesca Palmer.1 / 4
Junior Rabbit (back row, left to right), Barb Egenes, Megan Egenes, Madison Floden, Shane Massmann; (front, L to R) Christina Kuismi, Kayla Egenes, Mitchel Floding.2 / 4
Senior Horse (left to right), Josh Hedstrom, Jenna Hedstrom, Nicole Giroux, Paige Gabrielson3 / 4
Senior Poultry (left to right), Sarah Buse, Molly Schouweiler, Gabby Way.4 / 4

Four teams from Douglas County 4-H participated in the Minnesota 4-H State Project Bowl event held in Foley on April 21. There are five Regional Bowls followed by the State Bowl.

For each bowl there are two divisions, junior and senior. Junior teams are composed of 4-H'ers in grades 3 through 8 and senior teams are composed of members in grades 4 through 4-H graduation (12+1).

Regional winners advance to the State Bowl and state winners in dairy, general livestock, horse and poultry go on to national contests. The teams are coached by parents and adult volunteers.

By participating in project bowl experiences, youth:

• Recognize what they know or do not know.

• Verbalize answers in a competitive situation.

• Participate as part of a team.

• Have incentive to learn as much as they can about a given subject.

Results of the state bowl are:

Junior Rabbit, 6th place: Megan Egenes, Chippewans 4-H Club, Alexandria; Kayla Egenes, Chippewans 4-H Club, Alexandria; Shane Massmann, Liberty Livewires 4-H Club, Osakis; Mitchel Floding, Lake Mary Troopers 4-H Club, Alexandria; Madison Floden, Hoofbeats 4-H Club, Carlos; Christina Kuismi, Christina Lakers 4-H Club, Evansville.

Junior General Livestock: 6th place, Molly Maudal, Liberty Livewires 4-H Club, Carlos; Gabby Palmer, Spruce Hill Rangers 4-H Club, Carlos; Travis Yohnke, Spruce Hill Rangers 4-H Club, Carlos; Jack Schouweiler, Chippewans 4-H Club, Garfield; Francesca Palmer, Spruce Hill Rangers 4-H Club, Carlos.

Senior Poultry: 6th place, Gabby Way, Chippewans 4-H Club, Garfield; Molly Schouweiler, Chippewans 4-H Club, Alexandria; Sarah Buse, Chippewans 4-H Club, Garfield.

Senior Horse: 10th place, Josh Hedstrom, Hoofbeats 4-H Club, Alexandria; Jenna Hedstrom, Hoofbeats 4-H Club, Alexandria; Nicole Giroux, Independent, Alexandria; Paige Gabrielson, Hoofbeats 4-H Club, Alexandria.